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Caring Ministry


Reaching out to care for others in times of need is essential to our life as a spiritual community.  We do this in various ways:

Hospital visiting team – Persons from the congregation visit the North Bay Regional Health Centre each week.  They make a special effort to visit those who are members or associated with our congregation.


Home visiting team – Those who are less able to leave their homes are also among those we want to reach out to, to let them know, that God has not forgotten them.  Persons from the congregation visit those that are identified to us, who are members or associated with our congregation, who are open to a visit.  Visits happen in person and by telephone.


Greeting Card ministry - Cards are sent to those within the congregation and often beyond, at times of joy and sorrow, when struggling with ill health and other life challenges.


Prayer shawl ministry – Members of the congregation knit prayer shawls that are given to persons who are known to us, within and beyond our circle.  They are given, along with a card, at times of celebration and of difficulty, as a tangible way of experiencing the love of God, encircling them.


Worship and the Sacrament of Communion in Nursing Homes – Our minister leads worship on a regular basis in our nearby nursing homes.  Often, the choir sings during these services.  Members of the congregation come to serve the Sacrament of Communion, and will take it to the rooms of those residents who are not able to attend worship.