Sunday Gathering
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Church Office Hours
Tue 9am-2pm
Sat 9am-2pm

Phone: 705-724-2815

Postal address
PO Box 436
462 Main Street,
Powassan, ON., POH 1ZO

Elevator at side entry

How to find us
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Our Church Council...

Each of the Council members is a key leader in helping our congregation to care for our life together, and to reach out beyond our circle to God’s world.  Key leaders help us to answer the following questions:

  • Mission and VisioningWhat is our purpose and direction; why do we exist as a congregation?

  • Faith DevelopmentWho and/or what is God?  Who am I in relation to God?  (providing opportunities within our congregation for all ages to be nurtured in faith)

  • Communication – What is happening within our church family network?  (keeping folks connected through the website, newsletters, the media)

  • Finance – How are we making good use of the resources that have been entrusted for God’s use?  (minding our income and expenses so that we keep our books balanced)
  • Property - How are we caring for the place where we come together to meet God when we worship, meet, eat and greet others?  (Looking after our church family home)
  • Pastoral CareHow are we being the hands and feet of Christ to those who are in need?  (Reaching out to those who are ill, grieving, less able to leave their homes or those struggling in any way )

  • Stewartship – How are we making a contribution towards enabling the world a more gentle place for all?  (Inviting everyone who wants to support the ministry and mission of Christ, as expressed through Powassan United Church, to give of their time and talent)

  • Worship – How can we express what we believe in, in ways that are relevant and inclusive of all ages and stages?  (Giving direction toward the creation of meaningful and inspiring liturgies that reflect our love of God, others and the world)