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Tue 9am-2pm
Sat 9am-2pm

Phone: 705-724-2815

Postal address
PO Box 436
462 Main Street,
Powassan, ON., POH 1ZO

Elevator at side entry

How to find us
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In the last few years, the youth associated with our congregation have:

·        Been sponsored to attend national youth events such as “Rendez-Vous”

·        Helped out in our Bookshop, at our Grace House Thrift Shop or at our pancake breakfasts;

·        Joined other youth in our area for skating, bowling or taken the bus together to go to the annual “Worshiplude” event in Ottawa

·        Supported those who were leading our summer Vacation Day Camp for children

And if you are just interested in knowing how you can be involved in activities contact Powassan United at or 705-724-2815

If you are interested in getting involved in youth activities beyond the North Bay area, contact Melody Duncanson-Hales at  705-618-3032